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It's Spring in Seoul!!

Spring is finally here in Seoul!

We have been long awaiting the famous cherry blossoms and light jacket weather.  The city is at full bloom and the smell from the blossoms fills Yonsei University campus.

Seoul is a great place to find beautiful hiking trails since the city lays in a valley surrounded by mountains.  Every semester, CIEE takes a half day trip up to the summits of Inwangsan to look over Seoul.  We were lucky enough to have an amazing, clear day for our hike this semester!

Every year, the Han River Park hosts Seoul's Cherry Blossom Festival.  The park is filled with families, couples, and friends enjoying the flowers, green grass, and bike paths along the river.  It is so much fun to watch everyone (including natives to Seoul) appreciate the beauty of the city.

Midterms are coming up next week and CIEE and other Yonsei students are studying hard to prepare the the exams.  This is always a stressful time no matter where you are in the world.  Everyone back home, wish us luck!

20130417_sk_ciee-1CIEE students on Inwangsan looking over the city of Seoul


CIEE students enjoying the Cherry Blossom Festival



CIEE Souls in Seoul

  We've landed, we've explored, we've started to learn.  Us CIEE students have been dropped into the heart of Seoul, South Korea and have already experienced quite the culture shock.  From the work ethic, to couple outfits, the Korean people have thrown us some curve balls in the game of cultural immersion. 

    My name is Elizabeth Held and I am a third year photojournalism and anthropology major at Ohio University.  Studying abroad is a big dream come true and I am so happy to have picked such a great city to live in.  CIEE fit all of the requirements nicely and helped my spring semester get onto the right foot.  Yonsei University is an amazing place and I am so honored to be able to say I attend one of Korea's top university's.


Just so you know who's blogging, this is me while volunteering at the Sarang School for the disabled in Seoul.

    Right from the start the students participating in this year's CIEE spring semester in Korea had the motivation and spirit to throw themselves into the culture.  While some students already knew the Korean language from past study, or family ties, others walked in with no experience (a.k.a. me).  Nonetheless we started small, and continue to learn and build are confidence with the language with the help of our native speaking friends, as well as all the kind and patient Koreans that have to deal with our fumbling words.


Students with a few CIEE Seoul Mates.  The Seoul Mates program is an internship opportunity for Korean students to interact with CIEE participants throughout the semester.



CIEE during a Seoul Mates activity at Yonsei University.



CIEE students playing a game in a traditional Korean village during their trip to Gyeongju.


    So far this last month and a half has flown by and though I wish I could, I can't share everything I love and experience on this blog, but I will try my best to give potential applicants to CIEE South Korea a well rounded idea of what Seoul and CIEE has to offer!

    Thanks for reading!