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Spring 2017


  Pic for let
End of Semester Greetings

It’s hard to believe spring semester has come to a close, yet students have departed and summer students have arrived. It’s time for a long overdue look at some of the things students did during the spring semester. Let’s take a look back through photos, starting from the beginning of the semester.


Hanbok trio

Being cute in hanbok, Korea's costume, during our Korean Spirit and Culture workshop (above & below).

Males in hanbok


Photo scavenger hunt mission to take group picture in front of CIEE Seoul Study Center (above) and with Comfort Woman Statue (below)


We had two overnight excursions: Explore Korea Excursion during orientation and South Island Excursion mid-semester.


Learning about the statues in a gate at a Buddhist temple
Processing green tea

Sp trash beach xxxx

Cleaning the beach during island excursion
Harvesting salt during island excursion
Observing creatures that inhabit mudflats

Community Service

Students could choose from a variety of volunteer opportunities such as teaching English to North Korean defectors or senior citizens, mentoring underprivileged children, making audio books for blind children, holding infants at an orphanage, or walking dogs at an animal rescue center.

Xxx mentoring

Our student mentors help underprivileged children living in Shinchon area. On the first day (above & below), each mentor took a picture with their mentee to be printed on postcards and given to each mentor and mentee at the end of the program as a souvenir. 
  Xxx mentees 2
Spring mentoring
Students and mentees enjoying an outdoors activity (above)


Teaching English to senior citizens (above)

Audio 1

Audio 2

Two students took part in making audio books for blind children. They read Korean folktale story books written by the CIEE Resident Director Suzanne Crowder Han in English and two weeks later, the audio books they recorded were available for blind children at Sungbook Library for the Blind.


Seoul Mates

Students interacted with our CIEE Seoul Mates (Korean buddies) one-on-one, in small groups and in a monthly large group activity. Check out these short videos made by some students and Seoul Mates:






SM hearts xxxx

On a Seoul Mate mission to the DDP (above) and learning about Buddhism while doing a temple stay program with Seoul Mates (below)

SM temple stay


Other Activities


Because many students are interested in cooking, we had a cooking session with students at a girls high school. They were divided into small groups and, led by the local students, each group made different types of Korean food such as kimbap and tteokbokki, which they all shared (below).  

Xxxgirls HS 1

Xxxgirls HS 2

Some students attended a smaller cooking class in a private home (below)

Xxxxcooking class



Many students are into K-Pop so we had a K-Pop Tour whereby we visited major entertainment companies such as YG, JYP and SM artium, and walked along the K-Star road to experience K-pop music and culture. We also attended an indie concert to learn more about Korean music. After the concert, we took a group picture with the musicians and had a chance to chat with them (below).




 We also went to a modern pansori (a Korean narrative, epic, dramatic folk vocal art form performed by one person accompanied by one drummer) concert; many students got their CDs signed by performers (below).
















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