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1 posts from December 2016


Fall 2016, End of Semester

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Greetings from Seoul!

It's hard to believe our fall semester has come to a close. It was a very busy, exciting and productive semester. Over the past four months our students immersed themselves in Korean culture and society by joining student clubs, spending time with host families and Korean friends, exploring the country, participating in CIEE activities, workshops and excursions, and doing community service. Here we take a look back through photos to the beginning of the semester.

Santa mentor

As part of the CIEE community service program, CIEE students mentor Korean students with learning disabilities. Here, one dressed up as Santa Clause and surprised the kids during the farewell party to teach about Christmas traditions.

Hongdae live club day

Some of our students enjoyed Hongdae Live Club Day with our CIEE Seoul Mates.

Korean indie musician interview

Three of our students interviewed Indie musicians to write an article for a website.

Alumni dinner

The CIEE staff arranged a dinner meeting with some CIEE alumni who have returned to Korea for work so that students can hear their stories and advice.


As part of the CIEE community service program, CIEE students help North Korean defectors learn English.

Teaching seniors

CIEE students teach English to senior citizens as part of our CIEE community service program.


Students on a seaside hike during our CIEE excursion to the Busan International Film Festival.

Cooking class with HS student

CIEE students enjoyed cooking with students at a local high school.

Mt inwang hiking

Some students high atop a mountain overlooking the city of Seoul during a CIEE hike.

Games with SM

Seoul Mates organized a day of fun and games to teach students some of the games Koreans play.

Photo jaunts_1

A CIEE staff member takes a selfie with some students on a CIEE Photo Jaunt to introduce students to little known areas in the city.

Making fans with Seoul Mates

Students and Seoul Mates made fans together while exploring a neighborhood of traditional Korean houses.

Impromptu lecture exc

Students listen to an explanation by our tour leader during our CIEE Explore Korea overnight excursion.


Students attended a pottery workshop during our CIEE Explore Korea overnight excursion.


Students are waiting for monks to appear during a tour of a Buddhist temple.


During our overnight stay in a traditional village, students had a chance to make scarves using natural dyes and to also learn Korean traditional percussion instruments (next photo).



A team of students take a photo in front of a palace gate during an orientation activity at the beginning of the semester.