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Summer 2014, Issue I


CS hanbok cropped
Summer Greetings!

Our summer students started classes Tuesday after a week-long orientation. They arrived Friday, June 20, together with the summer rains. The next day we started our orientation with a session to introduce them to the CIEE program, academic policies, safety and security and the like. This was followed by an interactive workshop to introduce students to Korean etiquette and various other aspects of Korean culture and society, including Korean traditional clothing. We ended the first day with a street food tour that had to be moved to a traditional market due to heavy rain. The next day students learned about the university campus, Seoul transportation, and various historic sites and monuments by doing our CIEE Navigating Seoul activity. The evening was spent with local Yonsei students as they attended Akaraka, the university’s spirit festival. Early Monday morning we set out on a 3-day excursion to the coast and mountains of Gangwon-do province, the site of the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics. Students learned about Korean traditional lifestyles, various religions that have shaped the Korean psyche, traditional architecture, Korean cuisine and more. Since returning from the excursion, students have opened bank accounts, got cell phones, and attended Yonsei University’s orientation. In addition, we had a lecture about the DMZ, the Korean War, the military alliance and state of inter-Korean relations and then went on an excursion to the DMZ, and on Monday we had a guest lecture on Korean literature and attended a non-verbal performance to celebrate the start of classes the next day.

The following photos offer a glimpse into what students have done in the last two weeks.


Guys in hanbok cropped
Students getting dressed in traditional Korean clothing at Korean Culture & Spirit Workshop

  Chicken feet cropped
Trying chicken feet at the traditional market

Eating in market cropped
Learning about noodle dishes in the traditional market Waiting for akaraka
Having snacks prior to the start of Akaraka, Yonsei University's spirit festival

Explore Korea Excursion

Rain 2 cropped
An impromptu lecture about a revered Confucian scholar Image (1)
Carving a miniature of a traditional Korean sculpture

     Temple lec
At one of the many halls of a Buddhist temple Trying spring water
Trying spring water at a pavilion on the temple grounds

Students with an actor in the drama "Hotel King," which was filming nearby where we stayed

DMZ Excursion

Photo 5
A ROK soldier explains about an infiltration tunnel Selfies at the DMZ 2
Selfies at the Joint Security Area (JSA) DMZ group
Group photo at the JSA with North Korea in the background




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