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My First Homestay Experience

This weekend I had my first experience with a homestay family. I was very excited about it; so excited I was counting the minutes until 6 o'clock in class on Friday. Once class was over I raced to my room to pick up my packed bag and headed outside to meet my homestay mom and sister.

Mi Seon (my homestay mom) and Se Heon (my homestay sister) picked me up at Yonsei. We introduced ourselves and were on our way. Se Heon asked me about my age and my family in the car. Her English is so good! I was very surprised at her level at only eight years old. She's a lively, energetic little girl. She immediately decided she would touch me Korean this weekend; needless to say, I did not have a dull moment the entire weekend!

Once we got home I put my things away, Mi Seon began to make dinner and I began to explore the house. Their home is quite gorgeous; it's very spacious and simple. We had Chicken Japchae noodles with a lot of banchan on the side! We then tried on some hanboks and chatted about our lives while Se Heon drew on her whiteboard. A little while later Ji Hyun (my homestay dad) came home. We ended up talking about business for almost two hours! He sarted his own business and me being a business student, I was extremly interested in finding out more about it. A short while later we said goodnight and I slept like a baby in my sister's room. 

2013-09-13 20.37.07

The next day was spent at Insadong with my mom and sister (after my mom made Kimchi Jiggae, which is my favorite, for breakfast). We visited many shops, ate fish and kimchi soup for lunch and visited some traditional Korean homes. Once we came back  home my dad and I chatted for a few more hours and had ddokbokki for dinner. It was so good! My mom is such a great cook!

Overall, I had a great experience. My homestay family was very kind and caring toward me. During our conversations they provided a lot of insight into what Korean culture is and I feel I learned a lot just by observing them too. They also said I am welcome back anytime and I am very much looking forward to another experience where I will get to know them even more!

2013-09-14 19.10.33My homestay family before saying goodbye.


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